Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rainy days

We had heavy rains about two weeks ago. I was imagining a lazy day inside, and couldn't bare to think what a few boredom-induced naps might do to the bedtime routine. So in my most adventurous voice, I invited one and all to put on their boots and come enjoy the rain. The enthusiasm caught on, and this is what ensued:

They soon spotted the rising pool in the empty cement covered ditch in our front yard, and made a rapid descent. I warned them to walk carefully in the water so it doesn't spill over into their boots and make them feel uncomfortable. With a mischievous smile, Joseph said, "I like water in my boots."  That was all that the girls needed, a leader to show them what unbridled play in the rain was all about. I continued on my way down the hill to tend to the chickens, and when I returned, boots were off and not one inch of dry material remained on any of the three bodies.

Here is Joseph, kicking things up a notch.

I only discovered that the dogs were involved when I looked at the pictures later on. Ken was taking all these pictures. This one looks a little cruel, but... seems Cutie (the dog) didn't mind the pampering that followed her water slide experience. Below, Anna and Lydia made her a boat.

I guess Joseph thought since he managed to throw Cutie in, he could get Rhino - twice Cutie's size - in as well. He failed.

After all the fun had been sucked out of  the rainy day, everyone had a shower and hunkered down for some games inside.

I love that feeling! 

I remember in Shirati, after playing in the rain, getting all clean and dry was the perfect ending to a perfect rainy day of play. All was well with the world. 
Well, this day was almost perfect, except the outcome of the chess game triggered a huge altercation between Joseph and Anna. It took a while to diffuse that one.


  1. I especially love the third picture. So adorable! They will have happy memories from that day.

  2. I love this day of yours! (I'm assuming it must be pretty warm there now?) My favorite part is when you use your "most adventurous voice" ... I can just hear it!! You're an awesome mama and your children are growing up in a lovely little paradise.

    p.s. how did you teach your children chess? my oldest enjoys it, but none of her siblings are interested, and I often don't have leftover brainpower for mere mental exercise. (although, hmmm .... maybe if I exercised my mind more often, I'd have brainpower to spare......!!)

  3. Thanks, guys! Joyful potter, we play it very rarely. Anna seems to have more strategic thinking than Joseph. I don't know if this is something he'll continue to enjoy much longer. The whole teaching process could have been smoother. I kept on forgetting that he was only beginning, and wasn't supposed to know everything. I didn't have to get so exasperated sometimes. The dear guy just enjoyed moving the pieces around; he wasn't so interested in cornering my king at the beginning. Even now, he loses focus sometimes. So I only suggest it occasionally when it seems they have forgotten how long and sometimes tedious the game can be. Ha! you might be right about brainpower.