Monday, July 14, 2014

Dishwashing: a lost art

Finally! An idea that I've had for several months has finally come to fruition. Thank you, Laura and Sara for catching such rare footage.

Who is willing to add their own video, thus reviving this dying art?

Ok, here it is:

The Lost Art of Dishwashing

I know it's long...but the music is too good to edit. I actually did edit a little bit, but it was a painful loss.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Traditional Taiwanese game

Ken taught us this game/dance. You have to hope through two (and eventually four) bamboo sticks that are being moved together and apart to the tune of a sweet little melody. Apart, together, apart, together, apart, apart, together. So fun! I wish we could play it more often, but we need more people. The day he taught us, some of the neighborhood kids had come to play.

Then a few days later, some friends - old and new - came to visit, and we grabbed that chance.