Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Basil tea

Anna made basil tea today. We have a basil plant (perhaps planted by the owners?) beside our house that has not come to much use. Anna has been wanting to make "basil tea" for a long time. Really? I asked. I don't think you will like it too much. But she was adamant, and finally today, I gave her full, unmonitored use of the kitchen. Was she ever excited! She asked question after question about how much water, how long to boil it, etc. I wasn't sure, so I winged it. Dear girl wanted it to be perfect.
The result was pretty good!
I just googled basil tea, and will tell Anna first thing in the morning all the wonderful benefits of drinking it. She'll be ecstatic. 
Her recipe: Boil basil leaves in water. Strain and add honey.
There you have it.
Actually, she had not yet put honey in my tea when I drank it, and it was still good. So there's really only one necessary ingredient. 

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