Monday, October 28, 2013

Hen and Chicks re-launch

I wasn't made to be a professional photographer for a modeling agency, and I'm glad did not choose that career path. After almost an hour and over fifty attempts, below is as perfect as we could come to a photo for our company, Hen and Chicks.

This is a good sampling of the other fifty photos. AAAAH! How much inspiration does Lydia need to gather from the clouds, trees, and any other object that is not the camera lens? Anyway, it's done.

So we are attempting to sell stuff. We did so on two previous occasions, and it was fun. Now we'll see if folks in Taidong like baked goods enough to buy regularly. Here is the very beginning of this new venture: Ken will translate this page, and link to it on facebook. If anyone in the city places an order, we will deliver on Thursdays. I wonder if it can all really be that simple. Again, we'll see...

(A handy accident - we like the way the "H" in Hen kind of looks like a "K". Both work. Hen and Chicks, Ken and Chicks)


  1. I love it! Did you make your sign?? Wish I lived nearby and could place orders .....!

  2. (p.s. just so you know, when I click on your link, it says "blog not found" but that the name is available....)

  3. Yes we did. :) Joseph and Anna tried their hand at painting the last two chicks. That almost two years ago. We need to make a new improved one, because Lydia really likes to draw chicks (because of Peep and the Big Wide World. Have you seen that?).
    I don't know why it won't go to the blog! When I type it in, it works. Copy/paste doesn't. When you come visit. You can have as many cookies as you want for free. :)