Wednesday, November 30, 2011

flood money

I'm so touched that after watching some youtube videos about Thailand's flooding, Joji and Anna agreed (after a gentle suggestion) to give some of their hard-earned money to those who are struggling to eat due to the floods. Joji gave 127 NT, and Anna gave 12 NT. I congratulated them and told them that God loves cheerful givers. Joji said when he earns more money, he wants to give more. How exciting!

Cultivating a desire to give is something I have puzzled over for a long time. I notice that I don't naturally think about giving on a regular basis. After he had given his money, Joji said with a contented sigh, "I know I'm going to heaven." Oh dear. So I tried to explain God's grace once again. Legalism is instinct. We all need a divine heart overhaul.

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  1. I had to laugh at Joji's comment. You are so right, though, legalism is instinct. How quick I am to fall back into that trap.