Friday, November 11, 2011

Homeschooling group

Over ten mothers meet together every Wednesday to talk and pray. This small group is a part of a (one of several in Taiwan) homeschooling association. We prepare activities and short lessons for the kids then let them watch a video and play around while we meet together. Good times! I'm glad we decided to join this semester.

Joji, Anna and Lydia are on the left. No, Lydia does not always sit so attentively the whole way through the lesson. There is a playroom nearby that she sometimes visits, but mostly she likes to wander around.

The playroom

In the background is Joji's good buddy, Wu-di. (His mother, teaching in the first picture, has 4 children - a rare and wonderful thing in this country.) He always brings toys to share with Joseph. But he did warn Joseph that if he didn't bring toys as well, he wouldn't share his toys anymore. Loved hearing Joseph think out loud about which toys would be most fun to take.

On another note, here is Anna doing what she loves best (second best...ballet is first and foremost in her life): being a little mommy to Lydia.

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