Monday, December 12, 2011

Good times

We had a fellow homeschooling family over to our house a while ago. They have four children - their two daughters are in their late teens and their two sons are Joseph and Anna's age. What a lovely family! I consider Jin-Li, (Lydia) to be my unofficial mentor. She is the one who drew us into the homeschooling group inwhich we are now deeply involved.

It happened to be Chen-Wei's (older boy) birthday, so they brought "I [heart] BAC". Yes it's true. I do love Black as Chocolate. Delicious! So deeply chocolate. Thank you, Ron and Lydia!

Two, no less!

Joseph took this picture of Emily, the younger daughter. She's an amazing artist. She (along with one other girl) is on our trusted babysitter list.

My mentor. I should tell her. :)

Lydia is good at the piercing gaze. Maybe she was upset that everyone was leaving.I love the contrast between the two expressions.

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