Monday, October 20, 2014

Teaching Right and Left: a brilliant accident

...because isn't that how many discoveries are made? Through accidents of all kinds? I think this is God's way of reminding us where all knowledge lies. Human effort accounts for very little.

Anyway, a while ago, I think I wrote about Lydia's amazing ability at losing her flip-flops. Well, it happened again. She lost one of her new black flip flops only days after we bought them for her. I'm so glad I didn't throw away the remaining flip flop from her last pair, because it just so happened that she lost the right (both meanings) one, so now she has one black flip, and one pink flop.

Just today, while we were waiting for Joseph and Anna to get out of their once-a-week classes, Lydia and I hopped around on the hopscotch squares at school.

Then all of a sudden, it came to me! I explained to her that anytime she wanted to know which side of her was the left side, she could look down, and find her black flip flop. Same with right and pink. In fact, she can always remember that pink is right because that's right - Lydia loves pink.

After a few practice drills, she got it. Now all I need to do is review a few times a day for a few days, and I bet she'll get it for good.

Accidents are so handy sometimes. :)

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