Saturday, October 4, 2014

Interview coming up

A few months ago, we got interviewed about our homeschooling/country lifestyle. It was a fun day jam-packed with activity. I was surprised when by 7:00 pm, I was ready to go to bed.  In a few weeks it will air.
 I'm really curious how it will turn out. Throughout the whole day, we showed them different aspects of our life. Sometimes we'd be doing something random, look around, and there would be the huge eye of the camera, staring at us. They really know how to capture all kinds of footage. We even pulled out the out-of-tune guitar, and belted out some praise songs. My thumb had a wound, so I could hardly strum. Our voices seemed to hit all sorts of new notes. I could just feel the youtubeness of it all. "Do you know any other songs; ones you are more familiar with?" came the carefully worded, very polite inquiry. No, that was the best we could do. Maybe they will kindly edit that part out. All in all, it went very well. Under the pressure of that watchful eye, we at least expressed almost everything we wanted to express about family living, working and playing together.

Below is Joseph playing with the eye. He was on cloud nine after being told he could work it a little by himself. To him there is nothing more beautiful than a complicated web of buttons and dials. He actually doesn't like things that are too high tech because they look too plain and simple on the surface. 

The girls were happy too. They made friends with both ladies of the crew.

There was even time for a nail polish party.

 They got footage of everything. Here, Ken is leading Joseph through Proverbs.

Here, the girls and I are making cookies.

Here, we are getting ready for a lunch of roast chicken.

We hope that whoever ends up watching this will feel the urgency to re-arrange priorities for the sake of family, if need be.