Tuesday, April 22, 2014

fam in pictures part III

It was a cold, blustery day, but we had to get a grandparent/grandkids shot.

I lost count of how many rocks this size that they removed from the garden.

Deep, deep cleaning. The (fun to assemble) face sticker posters eventually all came down.

I think these ladies were helping spread rice husks.

This is what Dad and Mom did for 85% of their stay. As a result, we have harvested a few eggplants, cucumbers, various greens, and a lot of tomatoes. Thank you again and again!

A big thank you to our pastor and his wife for hosting my family so generously!

A typical supper. That night happened to be Mom's lasagna, made cottage cheese that Laura magically concocted out of milk and vinegar. Delicious! I had not had lasagna in years!

Heavy machinery is to Joseph as a cup of coffee, a cheesecake, and a good book are to me.

I just had to post another picture of this fellow. Our politest dog, Rhino, is doing his best to impress a morsel out of Lydia's hand.

I am who I am today because, to a great degree, of these two seesters, who walked me through boarding school, university, and life abroad.

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