Friday, April 11, 2014

Fam in pictures Part II

Babu had strange magical powers. Anytime Lenore needed to go down for a nap, Sara would hand her over to Dad. It usually took five..maybe ten minutes for him to get her to sleep.

Laura left no drawer untouched.

I wish this picture would show Babu's ingenious hinges that he made for the gate; simply three nails bent into a "u" shape.

Just tonight, we ate those vegetables that Bibi planted as sprouts. (the ones between her and Anna)

They love their Laura Ayi, who solves all problems, and rights all wrongs.

At first, Lenore wasn't sure about this sliding business, but on the way down, she changed her mind. I think she actually cried, because she wasn't being taken back up fast enough for another go.

The slide above, and this little reading room below, are right beside each other. We love coming here on our errand/ballet class day. Every Thursday. A lot of English books.

We were going for a walk after church on the last Sunday before Laura and Sara would be returning to the States. We almost forgot to capture a family photo.

Lenore and Mommy #2.

Poor Sara had no vacation. She had to do multiple surgeries here within these four walls. I think she was removing something. Appendix? At one point, she tried to hunt Joseph down to do some brain surgery. If it were to succeed, it would make him perfectly obedient. I think he managed to escape.

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