Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rice paddies

Today Ken took the kids to help a friend plant her rice field. He said they were thrilled with the whole experience. I'm so glad they finally got a taste of what ought to be a prerequisite to long-term living in Taiwan. This is how it was done for years before machinery eased some of the pain. Backbreaking work. This happy morning cannot come even close to the hardships farmers in Taiwan faced (and still face), but at least they came a step closer to understanding the lives of so many unsung heroes. 

Thank you, Wendy!


  1. Substitute pine trees for the palm trees, and it looks just like where I lived in Japan for two years! I used to walk on rice paddy paths to the school where I taught. Beautiful memories.

  2. Those are coconut trees! (in the palm family?) So it's almost exactly alike! This picture just needs a few sakura trees...or did they grow in a different region? Walking down rice paddy paths to school - what stories you guys have to tell to your children!