Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cursive gone right

Joseph deserved those chocolate chips. 

In an effort to make cursive more interesting, I found a short detective story for his writing practice. That wasn't enough. So he thought up a little math game to go along with his writing. For every line that he wrote on twice, for example "t" (up, then down), he counts one. Then he adds that total with the total amount of letters in the word. So, "chocolate" would be 15 (I think).  Since he loves math, this helped him conquer the tedium. After a while, I started hearing him say, "10! Yes!"  Ten had become the lucky number. I just couldn't resist; I just had to throw in an incentive. He was trying so hard, after all.

So, for every "10" word that he got, he got a mini chocolate chip. In record time, his work for that day and the next was completed. I think he got a total of 14 mini chips.

All you teachers out there, this is one way to do cursive. You can always substitute kale chips for chocolate chips. By the way, I use Really handy.

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  1. That is one dedicated math-lover!! Good for him for figuring out a way to make it fun. Thanks for the website tip, too. :)