Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vessel Roasted Chicken

I'm not exactly sure how to translate tong shr ji (Melody?).

Anyway, we finally succeeded in roasting up a succulent, crispy skinned chicken. After several failures, we discovered that it can't be frozen first.
 The chicken is suspended in that iron vessel. We had to keep the fire going for ten to fifteen minutes, then gradually let it peter out until only the heat from the embers penetrates to the bone.
Thoughtful Anna decided to build a separate fire to feed the main one in case in went out.

 It's not important that Joseph kept on borrowing flames from my fire to feed the helper fire. :)

 We have come full circle. We raised this chicken from a tiny puff to this. We did mourn briefly for her, as she was our only all-black hen; a beauty.

There is something so satisfying about ripping meat off a bone.

 This part of the chicken is a delicacy for Ken. Yup, it's the bum. Lydia begged for a bite. I will never try to understand.

I just had to add this one. One of our dogs Rhino, has perfected the art of begging. He places his paw firmly on the food possessor's knee and fixes his stare right at the morsel. Still as a statue. 

By the way, anyone who is dealing with gluten intolerance - cubed, fried eggplant with salt and pepper is a delicious base for almost anything.

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