Friday, January 31, 2014

flip flops

This is a regular occurrence.
I don't know how Lydia does it. She consistently loses her flip flops. It's almost like she hasn't lived each day to the fullest until one or both flip flops are missing by bedtime. Well, today we were rushing go to our neighbor's (who kindly invited us for a Chinese New Year feast for the second year in a row) house on time, when we discovered that Lydia's flip flops were lost once again. Fine, go barefoot, was my immediate response. Anna's immediate response was to take off one of hers, and give it to Lydia. The problem was solved, and off they went, both happy and content. 
I need to be more like Anna. 
Her heart has always been very big and very soft. She loves to take care of Lydia. Maybe God hides Lydia's flip flops just to give these two sisters a chance to share a sweet memory.

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