Wednesday, September 18, 2013

They are all artists

Fascinating the way a child's skills develop. For example, drawing. Anna and Lydia draw together...I can safely say an average of 6.5 days a week. They love it. They do it so much that almost every new picture surprises me because it is so much better than the last one. Joseph doesn't draw as much, but when he does, he takes it seriously. He drew a traditional Taiwanese house a few times (he wasn't satisfied with the first few tries), and employed a ruler to make things just right. I took a picture of it, but don't have time to hunt for it right now. I'll add it later. For now, here is a sampling of Anna and Lydia's art:

Anna loves to draw ladies with pretty dresses, ballet dancers, and elaborate flowers.

Lydia draws the stuff of dreams. Her drawings are hard to categorize. This one, she explained, is Mommy (with hair!) doing birth (or some such cute Lydiaism) to Lydia.

We just might frame this one. Something about the confident, swirly lines catches the eye.


  1. That should be framed in a delivery room somewhere! :) Such calm, joyful assurance.