Friday, September 13, 2013

New Glasses

Get a load of Joseph's new poison frog greens

The surprising compatibility of what the glasses technician called "wasabi" green glasses with Joseph's skin brought a little comfort to our aching hearts, when we found out that Joseph's vision has declined considerably. His vision was already worse than mine; now it's much worse. 
We found out that he needed new glasses when the teacher told us he can't see the blackboard from the back of  the room. Yup, teacher and blackboard. Joseph goes to school. So this will be my last post at this homeschooling blog. Just kidding. :) Ken and I decided to let him take Chinese and Math three mornings a week. The teacher does a good job - better than us - so we are grabbing the chance while we can. That's the trick to parent-led education: finding resources, and humbly conceding when it is apparent that the parents aren't always that resource. Sigh. But I'm already seeing benefits to this arrangement, so that's good.

What a big boy standing there all (but not quite) alone, facing the world with his poison frog greens.


  1. Admiring your parent-led education. I'm sorry to hear about Joseph's eyes, I know full well what it's like to learn your child's eye sight is problematic. He does cut a rather dashing figure in his poison frog greens though, it has to be said.

  2. You have done, and are doing, a wonderful job educating your children. I have no doubt that Joseph will continue to learn a lot from both of you. It takes courage, either way. (and yes, awesome glasses!)

  3. Ha! I'll have to explain "dashing figure" to Joseph. He'll be happy to hear it. Thanks, Anna! May I ask what degree Tilly's eyes are? Joseph is 420.
    And thank you, joyful potter! Humbling, to say the least. We can't do everything the best. I'm glad he's enjoying school so much. Also, it allows for more ladies' time with Anna and Lydia. Another unexpected benefit is the fun of telling our respective stories of the morning when Joseph returns.