Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank you, Lynn and Debbie

We had a lovely spontaneous visit from a pastor and his wife yesterday afternoon. They are such a jolly pair. We had found out about their church through friends (that, in itself, is a long story), and yesterday was our second visit to their church. Good times all around. Perhaps we have found a home church? God knows. Anyway, the moment I heard they were on their way, I dashed to the computer, fished out a recipe from my email and went to work. The result was a moist, tart mulberry almond cake. Thank you, Lynn and Debbie, for that delicious sour cherry almond cake that Ken is still talking about! It tastes just as good with mulberries.
(Mom, how proud are you that I even managed a flower arrangement on top? Thanks to Anna and Lydia, who eagerly fetched them for me)

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