Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It only occurred to me weeks later, the rare gift God gave me. The kids and I were enjoying our daily dose of "the secret life of chickens", when we noticed that two hens were fighting for the best egg laying spot (in the blue container). I gently lifted the late-comer out and started setting her on the ground floor spot (the yellow container). Just at that moment, I happened to look up at the laying hen. Also just at that moment, she happened to turn her backside in my direction. And just at that moment, about three inches from my face, I saw a shiny, whitish dime sized circle appear. A moment later, it grew to a quarter size, and then the egg dropped out.

The kids and I have seen the process before - the hen curves her back so her bottom will hover closer to the hay. Then (if we look away for a moment, we will miss it) an egg pops out. But, that was from a distance. I never knew I would get to see the skin stretch as the opening expanded. Amazing.
We never grow tired of it. When we feed them, if it looks like a laying hen is getting wrestless, we hang around, hoping to see the egg drop.
How does God think of these things? Nuggets of protein consistantly popping out of chickens that can be used in all sorts of savory and sweet foods.

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