Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank you, Tartine. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen

Thank you Tartine for this recipe:

Croissants made right. It took two days to make. Can't get much better than this. I have to limit this near paradise to once or twice a year. Delicious.

And thank you, Deb at Smittenkitchen.com, for this blackberry white chocolate pudding, which works just as well (better?) with mulberries. Yours is the only recipe blog cookbook that I have ever purchased.

And yes, this is homeschooling. My kids have learned that there is such a thing as too much white chocolate (we cut it down by a third the second time around).

I love to bake yummy things. I just need to face it and move on.


  1. "I love to bake yummy things - I just need to face it and move on" - so eminently quotable. Wouldn't that be a fun 12-step group? "Hi, I'm Lorena and I love to bake yummy things." "Thank you for sharing, Lorena." I'd join ... as long as there were snacks.

    And - your croissant looks yummo, and the pudding even more so. Sharing the recipe (with your adaptation)??

  2. Ha! I just made a mulberry pie today...and scones yesterday. Help! Sure, I'd love to share! Just give me a few days/weeks to write it down. :P