Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joseph's book list

is very, very long. I have lost track. I had a bunch of 3x7 inch cards taped together (about as long as my arm), listing every book he has read up until we moved. I just couldn't keep up. He's reading too fast. I need to start it up again.

This book would go on the top of the new list. What a riveting book! We got it from the Taidong Library (I'm impressed with their Engish children's book section).

The Holocaust comes up occasionally in conversation between Joseph and I. When it does, I try to be informative without weighing him down with details too heavy for his seven year old mind to bear. But by informative, I mean telling him about the atrocities unflinchingly (we're currently reading through Corrie Ten Boom's Hiding Place). He's old enough to start to understand the scale of suffering in this world. Well, this book is perfect for making such a horrible, and rather distant event become real and palpable. And it does so with such an uplifting tone. I highly recommend this book. The artwork is so alive!

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