Friday, October 7, 2011


A few weeks ago, Ken started up games at the park where everyone gathers after church. It has taken hold. This one is red light green light.

I guess this one can be translated: Eagle Catches the Chicks

If anyone has any suggestions of really fun games for this age group, please leave a comment. Thanks!


  1. I used to play Red Light, Green Light with the kids in the hall at the seminary. So fun! Gosh, maybe we should skip English church one day to come play. :) Ring Around the Rosie is simple bt kids seem to love playing it. Also, maybe Duck, Duck, Goose? Sitting down may not go over too well. Red Rover is anothe one I remeber playing as a kid.

  2. Aaah, lost my comment. Just wrote something along the lines of: Please join us! Also, I don't know why they weren't too interested in d,d,g when our homeschooling group was. I'll have to try again. I had not thought of RR! That's next. (although, I do have memories of some really rough games. We'll see how things go)
    Thanks, Kristie!