Friday, September 30, 2011

Anna and Lydia's tests (passed with flying colors!)

We had taken Anna and Lydia to the hospital for tests a few weeks ago. Anna for her kidney reflux, and Lydia for the lumps in her right breast. While waiting for the results, we decided to take James 5 seriously, and believe as children. So we invited a pastor and his wife from Xin You Tang over for supper, and after a nice time together, they annointed Joji (asthma), Anna and Lydia with oil, and prayed heartfelt prayers for them. Well, we went in to heart the results:
Anna's reflux has corrected itself
Lydia's tests showed no ovarian cysts or other abnormalities
Thank you, Lord! Amen.

Love these ladies

As for Joji and his asthma, we will wait and see.

These pictures reminded me that I haven't documented the blissful days of Sara Ayi and Evelyn's visit. Coming soon....

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