Thursday, August 4, 2011


We went with some friends to their friend's house in Ilan. Rice fields everywhere were being harvested, so we hoped to get a chance to watch the process.
Our friends' friend's house was our first stop. She filled us up with delicious snacks like shredded cheese which I thought was dried squid at first. Almost missed that wonderful treat. Was it gouda? Not sure, but smoky and delicious. Also cold sweet black tea jelly soupa - perfect for such a hot day.

Then we made our way to her relative's house nearby. Between them lies this unique rice field. The dark purple stuff is wild rice. The planter's name, I think.

They were also gracious hosts, letting the kids run around all over the place. We played beckon! I haven't played that for at least 15 years.

It was so satisfying watching this machine shave off the growth of the landscape, leaving nothing behind. The sky was full of birds swooping low over the fields, catching up insects that tried to escape the jaws of the rice cutter. 

Good times all around. Hard to imagine life before these handy little guys - cutting every single stalk by hand.

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