Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hualien continued

Here we are on the train, starting of on our journey.

This trip had many firsts: Joji and Anna's first time to hold chicks. At the home of some old friends.

Anna and Lydia feeding fish. This is the place were Joji and Anna caught several fish shown in the last post. Also a first.

I love these cool ladies.

and this cool gentleman.

We made a new friend, De-Ann jie jie, who made Anna into a queen.

Here she is - the girls loved her.

The sisters in front of the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed.

Ken is about to take a bite out of one of the sweetest bananas in the land. Reminiscent of Tanzanian finger bananas.

We spent many happy hours playing on the grounds of our B&B. When Joji and I were climbing trees, I told him that when we were kids, we used to read books in the trees. Right away, he ran back to the car, got a book, and, wedging himself in the nearest crook, began looking at pictures in earnest. Another first.

Where we stayed.

Everytime we come to Hualien, we have to stop by the cow place in Ruei-shuei. That is icecream that Jojia and Anna are devouring...

...and this is an ostrich that they are feeding.

Brave little Lydia!

Good times! Hualien is such a beautiful place!


  1. We've been to the Rui Shui farm, too! Love it there. Love Hua Lien.

  2. Also…could I trouble you to stop by my blog and leave a comment on the post for my sister's birthday?? Thanks!