Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Where would I be without my Therms? It does everything. We bought it in anticipation of starting our baking business. We hoped it would ease the labor involved. And indeed it has. Everything I make for Hen and Chicks (Ken's idea. Love it) comes out of Thermy's trusty stainless steel bowl.

But not only that, it helps with all sorts of everyday things. I will never again boil eggs in a pot. My Thermy can handle that job easily.  My soups are silkier than ever.

I even took the class to become a Thermomix "advisor". So I can sell them now. It's not really my personality, but really it's not hard to talk about something you believe in. I actually sold one so far. :)

Best of all, it is a wonderful homeschooling tool. The kids love to make steamed buns (mantou) on their own using Therms.

The market for these things is really growing in the East, but not really in the States. It needs to. These are the best.

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