Friday, December 13, 2013

extra protein

My dear Lydia.

This little chunkymunk (who is really excelling in drawing) need not worry about her riboflavin intake.  About a week ago, in a desperate attempt to be set free from re-filling cups of water because a fruit fly happened to drop in, I explained to the kids a study that I had heard about long ago. It's very vague, but I remember reading about Indians living in Great Britain suffering from some sort of ailment due to the lack of insects that would otherwise be hidden in vegetables. Food in England was clean to a fault. Insects are a wonderful source of protein and other necessary nutrients, so take advantage of one in your water, was my conclusion. Joseph took to it right away, and swallowed the next fruit fly floating in his water. Life became a little easier.
A few days ago, after Lydia saw Joseph drinking down a fruit fly, she noticed one in her water.
"A fly!", she said triumphantly. She took her two unwashed fingers, and rooted around her water for it until she had it in her grasp.
"Lydia, you don't have to eat it. It's ok."
"But Joseph did!", and she stuck her fingers into her mouth and swallowed.
Oh boy.
Well, I guess this new lifestyle really can't hurt, unless they we start exploring unknown phyla.
It's a bit scary, the power we parents have in the lives of our children. At this stage, anything we say is unquestioned truth.

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