Saturday, June 8, 2013

Loud Silence

Every mom knows that silence.  Those few moments before you locate the kids, and your mind is rushing through all the possible horrific scenarios of what might be happening.
I remember Lydia's silence a few years ago. She was in the crawling, babbling stage. Suddenly, I felt silence. I searched around, and found her lying on her belly, focusing on something right below her nose. Upon closer observation, I discovered she was fiddling with an ailing cockroach. I'm sure she was on the verge of putting it in her mouth. She always put everything in her mouth back then. Ew, ew, eeeewwwww. (I remember telling this story before. It might be somewhere on this blog...)
A few days ago, it happened again. Silence. I got nervous. I went outside, and there they were - Joseph and Lydia standing in sort of a trance, watching Anna as she drew pictures on our big whiteboard. What a perfect moment! What a relief as well! A wonderfully safe silence.
Anna is showing great interest in drawing. Lydia too. It reminds me of my childhood. I loved to draw pretty dresses as well.

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