Friday, March 8, 2013

We are farmers

If this doesn't qualify us as farmers, I don't know what will. (Well, a successful yield of crops might be good. Our garden has given us a few wild tomatoes so far. It's a bit of a joke) At least this is a step in that direction: We butchered our first chicken a few days ago. I stayed up till midnight the night before pouring over youtube, trying to gather skills and nerve. Finally, I just prayed, "Lord, I can't kill a chicken. Please help!"
He did.
He sent us a friend named Wendy. Thanks Wendy! She documented, encouraged, and helped pluck and cut up the chicken. She also brought delicious pasta to accompany our chicken lunch. Not only that, but she was back with the most fragrant fish for supper. Thanks again and again.
So I gathered from all the websites, that a quick jab into the brain from below the beak would first shock the chicken so it would not feel the knife slicing its throat. It worked! The chicken was still when I cut through its jugular. Not one drop of blood splattered out of the trash bag. I only realized later that I had not severed the trachea. I hope he was truly dead. Now we feel empowered to bring our chicken husbandry full circle.
We are almost farmers.

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