Saturday, January 12, 2013

Country living suits us

Wow. So much has happened in these two months! We got help to build our chicken coop and now have a few chickens which produce about three eggs a week. I built a shaky fence around what hopefully will become my garden to keep out the bunny. After the deaths of our beloved Doberman pups, we got six more puppies. Three of them died. (Some illness common among very young stray dogs)We have five cats now, but two are suffering from a bad cold. We sort of adopted a stray beagle which is kind of part of the family, but still on the periphery. Our main battle is with mosquitos and ants.  Good times!

These kids have had their five senses activated like never before in their short lives.

Hmmm, how come blogger doesn't give me the option to upload pictures from my computer anymore?

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