Monday, September 24, 2012

the men in my life

Joseph got glasses about four weeks ago.

...the cool kind that grow dark in the sun.

Attached to his pocket it his MRT card (subway pass). Now that he is six years old, he gets to swipe his very own card. Yet he still offers to let Anna or Lydia swipe it for him. (Now that I've started, I can't stop...) He has gotten so many "helping others" stickers recently for putting Lydia's seatbelt on, or her sandles, etc. Anna is more commonly the cute clucking hen who enjoys busying herself getting Lydia ready to go outside or for bed. What a treat to see Joseph join in. Just tonight, he helped Lydia get dressed for bed. I'm so proud of this little gentleman!

Ken got his glasses about four...ty years ago. I am so proud of myself for capturing this moment. It's one of my favorite expressions of his. His mind is packed full of history, current world issues, and insights about future trends and possible improvements. He is carefully and precisely unraveling it all in bite sized pieces for me to digest. Taiwan better watch out, because Charles Spurgeon Huang is just warming up.

On another note: We are heading to Taitung tomorrow!! We are in search of a new home.

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