Friday, August 31, 2012

Back from Lancaster

After two months of pure bliss, we are back in Taiwan.  Lancaster, specifically Gypsy Hill, is a balm for the soul. Dad and Mom actually built a kitchen with their own two hands in the basement for our use! Laura, Sara and Emmanuel came down from NY several times, and we went to Ohio for a family reunion. So many happy little details filled those waking hours, that I'm sure it would take a full day to write about them all. I'm going to take the shortcut and post as broad a representation of our stay as possible:

Joseph had an asthma attack...

...and I had a throbbing toothache. The trip over was rough.

Oh, but the joy of arriving home!

Here it is! The homemade kitchen. I still can't believe it.

Nancy provided much of our entertainment in the form of her chickens.


such contentment!

Cousin Evelyn!

...and mulberries, and raspberries, and blueberries, and cherries. Heaven.

A big thanks to Omer for his patience as we attempted warming up to two sheep that had no interest in befriending us. This little endeavor ended after a few days.

Joseph took up his job as apprentice with gusto. They trimmed bushes, planted trees, built a (very small) house, and so much more.

Bibi reserved space for Joseph, Anna and Lydia's gardens.

Bibi's zucchini! The delicious butternut squash came later.

Ohio reunion! Thank you cousins, for those beckon games that reminded me of Shirati.

Laura, Sara and I went on three sisters' shopping sprees. Of course, we couldn't resist buying these tutus.

Lydia was petting it like a puppy.

We had such good times with Lorena and her kids!


Those two months were a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  Thank you, Lord!


  1. Loved the photo tour of your time home - so did the girls. :) We enjoyed SO MUCH having you here!! Were you able to watch that caterpillar change into a butterfly? We have four in chrysalis right now...

    1. Maybe we could enjoy those butterflies vicariously through fb? We forgot to take that caterpiller back home. Oh well. I'm almost sure it would have gotten smashed behind the carseat or under a sandal.
      Can't wait to play together again!
      By the way, your bathroom is looking cute! I love the daring color choice!