Tuesday, March 27, 2012

toothpaste - thing of the past

...soon, anyway. I am in awe of Joseph and Anna who actually request sea salt on their toothbrushes, "like Baba".  They seem to be phasing out of their cherry toothpaste. I hope to be that mature someday, but there's no telling when that will be. 

Sooner would be better than later, since the kind baking shop lady gave me the recipe for these:

Cow tongues. An Yilan specialty. Delicious! And full of powdered sugar.


  1. I am wanting to learn more about both toothbrushing with salt, and these delectable-looking pastries with the intriguing name!! Follow-up post? :)

  2. Ha! So, joyful potter, I don't have to clarify that they are pastries, I guess. This morning, Sara just wanted to make sure they didn't come from a cow's mouth.